Developed by the prestigious Wing Tai Land,Wing Tai, one of Singapore leading developer. The Tessarina is a treasure waiting to be enjoyed. It lies nestled in an idyllic oasis bound by Wilby Road, Holland Road and Bukit Timah Road. Close to the heart of the city, close to the best schools. And yet, far from the crowds. Here’s what is so spectacular and serene about the spot we have picked for you: all around The Tessarina are lush, majestic trees and pretty, low mid-rise¬†developments. Without anything to disturb the skyscape, The Tessarina offers a sweeping, exhilarating view of its charming surroundings. And keeping the greatest timeless pleasures of life in mind, world-renowned architect Harold Guida has quietly constructed what he calls, quite simply, a place you can feel good about being in.